Myofascial Release

Myofascial release is a specialised physical and manual therapy

NeuroKinetic Therapy

Refined bodywork to identify the root cause of pain

Remedial Therapy

Combining various bodywork modalities to help you take back control

Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization

Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization (DNS) is a developmental kinesiology approach


I had been suffering from chronic groin and inner leg pain for some time. Jenny quickly found that I was not using my core abdominal muscles, and assigned me some simple daily exercises to correct this. 2 weeks later, I am now pain free, and in addition I have found that I can breathe and walk more easily than I could before. It has been a very reassuring experience learning from Jenny that my symptoms had a simple cause, which I can address by myself through small changes to my routine. Thank you Jenny.
Cyclist, July 2019

An email from Emma (shared with permission):
Hi Jenny
I am getting on really well thank you. I am really conscious of making sure the right muscles do the work... as soon as I feel those front hip flexor muscles start to kick in, I stop, or re-assess my position.

I have ordered a ball like yours from Amazon as the tennis ball is a bit hard (!).
The difference in my day to day movement (sitting, standing etc) is significant.

It's amazing what you have done for me in one hour that no one has been able to do in 18 months!

I will keep you updated with how I get on.... I will definitely be coming back to you though and recommending you. Worth every penny and every mile.
Speak soon
Emma. October 2017

Hello my name is Judi Butler.  This is a testimonial for Jenny Wilson, Cambridge Bodymechanic

When I was 21 I had 2 major accidents.  I fell off a horse and seriously injured my back and then I went on a Harley Davidson Motorbike in September 1981 and broke my hip, femur, twisted my knee and broke my tibia and fibular in 5 places.  I severed my archilles tendon and broke my ankle and various bones in my foot.

I recovered really well considering my injuries and my body compensated for the lack of movement in my ankle, knee, hip etc.  I just got on with it to be honest.  I was lucky enough to go to the best rehabilitation centre in the country at the time Headley Court. Headley Court was there for army, RAF etc and only took a few civilians each year. 

I think I have tried every practice going.  I was helped in the short term but nothing changed in the long term. ..

After many years I just did not know how to stand up and walk across the room………I would sit in a beautiful restaurant and just wonder to myself how could I possibly get to the other side of the room without making a complete spectacle of myself.

When I met Jenny I was rather beside myself.

I really did not know what Neurokinetic therapy was but I went along and I honestly have not looked back.  

My 1-2-1 pilates instructor was simply aghast at the improvement I had made in such a short time. I could see that I was doing things I hadn’t done before.  I really noticed when I walked upstairs my left leg was so much stronger. My left Butt cheek which had been disappearing rapidly became more prominent and started filling my jeans again. The muscle at the top of my leg got stronger and somehow with all the exercises and work I had done with Jenny my leg became straight rather than curved.

This wasn’t a miracle (although it seemed it to me) it was a series of work with Jenny and then some home exercises for me to do. These exercises only took 5-10 minutes so why would I not do them?

It hasn’t been easy - what is?  As my muscles changed it caused other muscles to hurt and caused me discomfort.   Did I complain…!  Because I am so very different to how I was! and I am still changing. April 2017

Good morning Jenny,
Thank you for your email.
I am so pleased to say that I feel like a different person!!!! I cannot thank you enough, I haven't had a migraine since my visit and I can move my head and neck without discomfort, and yes, I am doing the exercises daily.
Also, I don't have any pain in my back, hip or knee. The only time I feel slight discomfort is when I have been sleeping on my right side but this soon eases once up and about.
I cannot believe that I feel so much better after just (*) visit.
Thank you so much once again, and I am thinking that maybe I will come back to see you in a couple of months to have a 'top up'
Kind regards
Jackie. June 2016

I have been working with Jenny for a number of months. She has been a fantastic support to me in my rehabilitation from chronic pain. I found her approach to be one of walking side by side with me which was exactly what I needed. Her wonderfully unassuming manner belies the depth of knowledge and experience she has. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone who was in the same boat as I. 
Chris Williams, Trumpington. April 2014


Jenny's humble, unpresuming demeanour belies a very proficient, professional and learned competence in the MFR technique. From the first moment of contact she made me feel as if my issue was of importance & that there was hope for improvement.
I had 6 sessions & each time I felt completely safe, relaxed & taken care of. My Fibromyalgia pain in the neck area, whilst not gone was greatly diminished & after many years of suffering I finally have some relief. However the migraines that had plagued me beforehand, thanks to Jenny's patient expertise, have totally ceased. I do not hesitate to recommend Jenny.
Joanne, September 2014

I have had chronic problems with my neck and shoulders for many years. Myofascial Release was new to me, and after my first treatment I was impressed.  Jenny’s professionalism, calm demeanor and genuine desire to see results was refreshing. The treatments greatly improve flexibility and reduce discomfort. Jenny offers informed and sound advice and I will continue to visit her when needed and have recommended her to others.
May 2014

Hi Jenny, The myofascial release you carried out to give me movement in my neck and shoulder after surgery and radiotherapy was transformative and I am thrilled with the results!
I'm so pleased that I've been able to get back into my usual daily activities and sport, painlessly and without more pills!  The thick scar tissue in my neck caused by surgery, was really limiting my movement and daily life. Until the MR treatment I hadn't realised how much my neck was affecting my whole body posture, causing discomfort and beginning to impact other joints.
Thanks for all the advice too, my posture is radically improved and I feel even better than my old self again!
Thanks and best wishes,
Lisa Long, January 2014

Dear Jenny, I am writing to thank for the treatment you've given to my arm and wrist.
I was very pleased not only with the pain relief but the way you were able to work out the root cause of the problem, which I would never have worked out for myself.
Although I was previously unaware of Myofascial release I am sure it would help anybody with muscular problems.
Best wishes David, July 2013

I have poor posture from spending a lot of time sitting at a desk. After a 90 minute session of treatment on my back and hips, there was a very noticeable improvement in the curvature of my back, made apparent by photos taken before and after. The treatment involved stretching and positive  pressure and left me feeling relaxed. It has also helped me to raise my awareness of my posture and correct some of my bad habits.
May 2013

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